Career Research : Oral and Written Report

You are to research one career of interest using the following required resources:
  • Books
  • Websites
  • Oral Interview of a person working in that career (on your own time!)

Graded Requirements:
  • A one-two page word processed summary of a current magazine or newspaper article that focuses on that
  • career (with MLA citation)
  • A two- three page word processed report (final page will be a properly formatted MLA Works Cited Page)
  • An oral presentation utilizing a Power Point presentation (last slide will be properly formatted MLS Works Cited Page)

Within your written and oral presentations, include the following information:

1. Identify the title(s) of your chosen career.
2. Provide a job description for the career.
3. List and explain the necessary skills required to perform the duties of the career.
4. Identify the educational requirements to obtain a job in that career, both at an entry level and if it provides
an opportunity for growth. (For examples, social work does provide entry level jobs with a Bachelor’s
degree, but for growth and higher salary goals, one needs at least a Master’s degree.
5. Identify both the public and private settings that provide employment for your career.
6. Identify the starting pay and ultimate maximum pay for the career.
7. Identify and explain jobs you can do while in high school and college that might build the skills you need for
the career.
8. Identify specific schools-academic and/or vocational-that will prepare you for your career and explain how
you would prepare to be accepted into theses schools.
9. Identify career areas one might branch off and into from the career.
10. Include what you learned from your interviewee about the career.